Wet n Joy water park resort

Those fun loving bounced from one puddle to the next in rain stopped up avenues, those minutes when you admire the sky with spread arms and feel the rain drops all over, those incalculable snapshots of restroom singing under the shower, those ceaseless showers in froth filled shower tube those minutes that abandon you chuckling and hopping in bliss! Wet N Joy breathes life into these minutes through India\’s greatest wave pool, imported stunning rides and intelligent fun zones. Split far from your regular daily existence and buoy, swim, sprinkle and bounce your way to the youngster in you in India’s finest water stop wrapped in pleasant mountains

Park Timing: 10AM To 6PM


*Regular ticket prices on the Counter
Adult Child
Weekdays Rs. 990 Rs. 790
Weekends Rs. 990 Rs. 790
School & College Trip Rates (pre-booking required)
School Junior College Senior College
Rs. 400 Rs. 600 Rs. 700



  1. Above rates are inclusive of all taxes
  2. Group discount is applicable only for online advance booking.
  3. Children between 3’3″ to 4’6″ height will avail the child benefits
  4. Free entry for Toddlers with less than 3’3″ height
  5. National/Public Holidays rates will be same as of weekends
  6. Date change not permissible
  7. Online tickets are non-refundable
  8. For Schools/College Trips Costumes and Luggage rent Free(Only Deposit taken),1 teacher per 10 student free entry.