Vishwasrao Farm House

After working for 20 to 25 yrs in Godrej Company located at Vikhroli, MR. SURESH KRISHNAJI VISHWASRAO had taken VRS and purchased a vacant land of 2.5 acres in Manvali located at Kalyan. Earlier days Manvali was a place where people used to scare to visit. But, Mr. Vishwasrao dare to start his business . He had taken a loan from one of the Govt. Scheme and started his poultry business. But he has not achieved the success in this business as expected.

Thereafter, Mr. Vishwasrao kept a thought in front of is family for starting plantation in this farmless vacant land. The family got agree for the same and started helping as per there capacity.Plantation requires plenty of water. For, that purpose Mr.Vishwasrao had dug a borwell and due to god’s grace he could found plenty of water in it. It was really a good sign for achieving the dreams in the future.

Thereafter, Mr. Vishwasrao’s family tried each and every trees for planting this place. It includes various trees like Mango, Coconut, Juhi, different kinds of herbs. No one could believe the fact that, in this farmless land the plantation has been created. In order to get some monetary support, Mr. Vishwasrao had adopted the policy of “Eat Here and Feed Here” According to this policy, they started providing mangoes, different kinds of vegetable etc to peoples.


After considering the taste of “Marathi Manoos” they started the honest attempt of providing the pure Marathi Style food to people. For which they are getting a good feedback from the people. Due to increasing in pollution human beings life’s existence is really in danger. The human beings life is totally mess up in this urbanization. He cannot feel relaxed in his life.

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