Few days ago I took International Flights and came to mumbai,  My journey in this summer may have been a location unexpected to go, since we understand the blazing sun running across the city. But, this trip to my unexplored Konkan has been one wonderful one.

Planning a holiday isn’t easy, but every things fun. From booking tickets, to packing and making all the pre and post arrangements of our travel, it has been one wondrous journey from Mumbai to Konkan.

Konkan is 472 Km from Mumbai to Konkan. Your aggregate travel time by drive is relied upon to be 3 days 15 hours mins. On the off chance that you plan to take a taxi to your destination, all out expense of your auto contract comes to approx. Rs. 36600. While we favoured our go via train,  Where we enjoyed the green view of the entire stretch of Konkan.

We went to may shorelines and temples such as :

Shorelines – Tarkarli, Mochemad, Devbag, Sagareshwar, and so on


Temples – Devi Sateri, Ganesh Mandir on Reddi shoreline , Angane wadi – Bharadi Devi Temple are amongst the conspicuous ones.(I more likely than not missed a few)

There are a few options to get into the Konkan area, purely depending upon your planned destination. you can drive south from Mumbai, while visiting Alibaug and dapoli and Kihim together on the way the little city of Ratnagiri, or while coming from goa to spots like Malvan. There are many transports from Mumbai to various beach front towns in the Konkan like Ratnagiri, Chiplun, and malvan and  more. You can likewise enter the Konkan district from somewhat inland urban areas like Pune and Kolhapur.

Include some enterprise – Do Kayak, Trekking, Parasailing, Scuba Diving, Watch Dolphins, and so on. On the off chance that you book a resort, they will organize it for you or shorelines likewise give these watersports exercises.


Beaches in Konkan :

GanpatiPule Beach :

When you plan your weekend getaway and having mood to chill on beach,  Ganpatipule is the best choice for you,  it is one of the most beautiful beaches ever you find in konkan,  you will find blue sea and crystal clear water here,  there is swayambhu ganesh mandir ,  which is the main tourist attraction poin in Konkan,

Tarkarli Beach :

Tarkarli beach is having blue sea and it is must having place in your travel diary,  which you visit konkan,  never missed this beautiful beach ever,

Food Speciality in Konkan:

The best cuisine of the Konkan region of the Maharashtra District and Goa is known as ‘Malvani cuisine’. It is mainly non-vegetarian, although there are a some mind blowing veg dishes too.

Here are few food specialities you should take advantage of it, if you are purely Non-vegetarian and vegetarian:

Sol kadhi is the speciality of Konkan,  It is made from Kokam and coconut milk,  It’s the best  appetiser drink ever.

Kombdi vade is the best combination to have with chicken pieces, It looks like Puri but it is made from wheat and nachni flour. Once you have this,  You will love this.


Mori masala is a prevalent dish in Konkan. Infant shark is generally decided for this curry on account of its firm meat.

Malvani mutton curry is an exceedingly mainstream dish all through the district and is known for its utilization of various flavors in its readiness.

Eat Malvani food and enjoy your stay at the belt of Konkan.

One thing I can not deny that I love Konkan and this is the best Yatra I had ever explored in my life,  I advised to all my readers to visit these places once in your life.

If you are from outside of India and eager to visit this place,  Do not worry at all take International Flights and visit this heaven on earth.