The trek to Ratangad from Ratanwadi, base town of Ratangad trek, would take around 3 to 4 hours. Its a basic trek and the undulating trail will take you through little feilds and thick woodlands by the Pravara waterway. You may need to cross the waterway more than once relying upon the trail taken. Towards the end of the trek there are two stepping stools in a steady progression. Be watchful while trekking up as one of the trails prompts Harishchandragad rather than Ratangad!

The best time to visit Ratangad is post rainstorm. Ratangad is approximatly 180 Km from Pune. The course from pune is same as the one to Bhandardara. Ratanwadi the base town of Ratangad fortress is around 25 Kms from Bhandardara. The course to Ratanwadi is a deviation just before Wilson dam. The Amruteshwar sanctuary a 8th century building wonder is headed to Ratangad close Ratanwadi.

In the Ratangad fortress there are numerous intriguing focuses. Nedhe’ a characteristic hole in the stone is an uncommon fascination with an awesome perspective of the neighboring mountains. There is a Ganesh sanctuary in a little buckle. There is another greater hollow sufficiently open to suit around 20 individuals. Rani Mahal is a structure of which just some broken dividers are remaining. Pravara stream orginates in Ratangad.

Ratangad a 400 year old fortress at a tallness of 4250ft is, according to old stories additionally one of the most loved posts of Shivaji Maharaj. The Wilson dam and Arthur lake, Kalsubai Peak, The Amruteshwar sanctuary and the Randha Falls – the district in the Sahyadris sorrounding Ratangad is truely a little heaven, a mystery well kept, and Ratangad consistent with its name is similar to a gem in its lofty crown.

Pravara stream orginates in Ratangad. The nearby legend has it that Agatya rishi reflected and performed repentance in Ratangad. At that place two drops of “Amrut” was dropped and water began streaming out from Ratangad ceaselessly bringing about the stream Pravara consequently the name “Amrutvahini”