Raigad is a fort arranged in the close Mahad, Raigad region of Maharashtra, India. The Maratha King Shivaji made the fort capital in 1674 when he was delegated King of a Maratha Kingdom which later formed into the Maratha Empire inevitably coating larger part of current India.

The fortification, which climbs 820 meters (2,700 ft) above ocean level, is spotted in the Sahyadri mountain range. There are pretty nearly 1737 steps prompting its way to the fort.


Raigad Ropeway For a great trek

Close to Mumbai, Raigad ropeway is established by (Late, Shri V M Jog) and is situated in Mahad (Raigad, Maharashtra, India) and since 1996 of its development it has turn into a no doubt understood one day outing spot and one of the significant vacation destinations in Maharashtra tourism list. Lets investigate some real attractions of ropeway.

A privately owned business called ‘Thousand years Properties Pvt Ltd’ works this ropeway since 2004.

Cost per individual : Ropeway charges are exceptionally insignificant, Just Rs.170 (INR), is an expense incorporating other visit in the bundle, See other vacation spots beneath.

Being one of the main ropeway at a vertical stature of 420 meters from ground, Raigad ropeway is a protected and small experience and an exceptional chance to arrive on Raigad stronghold. This can be said as a just ropeway perfect for one day outing inside Maharashtra and close to Mumbai. The ropeway enterprise begins from ground at base area called ‘Lower Station’, board yourself in the trolley and get prepared to arrive on top of Raigad fortress at area called ‘Mena Darwaja’ which is additionally called ‘Rulers Entrance’, Only permitted to rulers, which they used to goto Queeens load called ‘Rani vasa’.

Historical center : The way of life of Marathas under the principle of Raja Shivaji can be seen on every curios inside the gallery. Their are old weapons, photos and other work of art to be seen.

Film Show : The Raigad ropeway bundle incorporates this memorable film show enumerating about Raigad stronghold, This 22 minutes varying media makes us comprehend and think on how and why was this fortification made. Once done you will be guided towards ‘Lower Station’ to ride the ropeway.

Ropeway Ride : As point by point above is the last enterprise to Raigad stronghold with an entrancing trolley ride bringing you in mists with breeze and grand mountains around.

How to Reach:

From Pune head southwards on NH 4 for something like 48 kms and afterward you need to turn left from the thruway in the wake of passing Kivki Village to get to Bhor… ..from Bhor proceed with your excursion westwards on the same way work you arrive at Mahad, which is about approx 100 kms from Bhor. When you arrive at Mahad you need to turn north towards Pachad town which is the base town of Raigad stronghold.

Raigad fortress has a well known divider called “Hirakani Buruj” developed over a colossal bluff. Its story is that a lady by the name of Hirakani from a close-by town at the foothills of Raigad had come to offer milk to the individuals living in the post. She was inside the post when the doors were bolted by nightfall. The affection for her baby child once again at her town provided for her the bravery to move down the precipice oblivious. She rehashed the deed before King Shivaji, and was compensated for it.