At a rise of 3454 ft, the fortress is situated in Satara area of Maharashtra. A twisting, sharp mountain street prompts Pratapgad from Mahabaleshwar, around 21 km away. The fortification was fabricated to protect the Par Pass and assumed a critical part in the protection of the district around Wai.

From a separation, the fortress resembles a round tipped slope with the dividers of the lower fortification giving the impression of the stronghold being a crown on the slope. Further fortress of the fortification was later approved by Shivaji and done by Moropant Pingale, the first Peshwa or the boss clergyman of the Maratha Empire

The post can be isolated into two sections, upper stronghold and lower fortress. The upper stronghold was based on the summit of the slope. The format of the fortress frames a rough square and the dividers stretch for roughly 590 sq ft on all sides. You can get dazzling perspectives of the Raigarh Fort and beachfront Konkan from the highest point of the Pratapgad Fort.

There are numerous structures in the upper fortification with the Mahadev Temple being the most amazing structure. The sanctuary is situated in the northwest zone of the stronghold close to the edge with precipices on three sides and a sheer drop of more than 800 ft.

The lower post was assembled fit as a fiddle with a length of around 1050 sq ft and width of around 360 sq ft. To guard the fortress, there are towers and bastions in the southeast of the stronghold which ascend to 40 ft. There is a Bhavani Temple in the eastern side that is devoted to Goddess Bhavani.

The best time to visit Pratapgad is in the middle of October and May.