9 Places to Visit in weekends near Pune

So, it’s the New Year. It’s 2016 and before you get to work, here’s when you should plan your calendar for the year and make short trips around your city during weekends.


Situated in the Konkan shoreline of Maharashtra, Diveagar is a renowned beachside town, which is at a separation of roughly 5 km from Shrivardhan. The town is arranged in the Raigad District, which is thickly secured with betel nut and coconut trees.

Diveagar Beach or otherwise called the seashore extends 6 km and is one of the boss attractions of the destination. Normal for white sand and perfectly clear water, this shoreline is encompassed by Suru trees, which are once in a while found on this coast. There is an angling settlement situated toward one side of the shoreline, while the flip side houses a haven of transient seagulls.

The closest air terminal is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, situated in Mumbai, at a separation of roughly 200 km from the town. Diveagar does not have its own particular railhead and the closest prepare station is Mangaon Railway Station. This station is situated at a separation of around 31.4 km from Diveagar. Transports are additionally accessible from Pune, a large portion of which are aerated and cooled.




Dajipur is a little place in Kolhapur area of Maharashtra, around 490 km from Mumbai. Dajipur is around 40 km from Radhanagari and 80 km from Kolhapur, arranged near National Highway 17, uniting Mumbai and Kolhapur. It lies toward the end of the Sahyadri mountain range, where the southern end blends into the flatlands of Karnataka while the Konkan beach front region lies on the west. Marathi is the fundamental dialect talked in Dajipur.

Probably the most well known destinations in Dajipur are the Bison Wildlife Sanctuary and Gagangiri Maharaj in Gaganbawda. Understood for its untamed life, Dajipur highlights jagged mountains and thick backwoods with an expansive assortment of natural life including buffalo, wild deer, chital and different types of feathered creatures.

Dajipur Jungle Resort is an unexploited spot, rich in regular untamed life and wide assortments of manor. It is likewise home to various uncommon herbs and restorative plants like Karvand, Vagati, Ranmiri, Tamalpati and Toran Gagangiri. Maharaj’s Math is a prominent spot for outdoors and trekking.

Kolhapur is situated at a separation of 80 km from Dajipur and is well known for antiquated sanctuaries like the Mahalakshmi Temple and cooking styles like Tambada Rassa and Pandhara Rassa. Konkan is another prevalent beach front locale close Dajipur that extends from the northern piece of Maharashtra toward the southern piece of Goa. It is prevalent for its shorelines, palm trees and crisp water lakes.

 3. Aurangabad:

Aurangabad, also called the City of Gates or the Heart of Maharashtra, is one of the 35 regions of Maharashtra, covering a territory of 10,100 km², out of which 141.1 km² is urban region and 9,958.9 km² is provincial.

The city is overflowing with acclaimed recorded attractions, as Bibi Ka Maqbara, Ajantha Caves, Ellora Caves, which have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Jama Masjid, Panchakki, and the 52 doors in Aurangabad, to give some examples. There are likewise various sanctuaries, mosques, historical centers, and even a few patio nurseries to investigate.

Aurangabad is all around joined by roadways, rail and aviation routes. The Chikkalthana Airport, now a residential and worldwide airplane terminal, is 12 km from the city, while Aurangabad Railway Station goes under South Central Railway and is associated with Mumbai and Hyderabad on either sides and unites with real urban areas like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, and so on. Additionally, there are great transport administrations accessible from most places to Aurangabad.


Panhala is one of the excellent urban areas situated in the Kolhapur District of Maharashtra. Panhala is the littlest city of the state. Frequently alluded to as Municipal Council, the city is situated inside the fortress, which offers a wonderful perspective of the valley. Panhala is spread over a region of 390 sections of land and is arranged at an elevation of 977.2 meters.

To achieve this legacy city, travelers can load up flights to Kolhapur Airport, which is the nearest air terminal. It is situated in the Kolhapur District at a separation of around 32 km from Panhala Fort.

The closest railhead is Kolhapur Railway Station, which is arranged around 20 km from the destination. Situated on the south focal railroad line, the rail line station is all around joined with various urban communities and towns of the nation. State possessed transports work on successive interims that join Panhala with abutting towns and urban communities.

Panhala can be gone to during the time with the exception of amid the months of July and August.


Pandharpur, an ardent focus, is arranged on the banks of River Bhima in the Solapur District of Maharashtra. Arranged at a normal rise of 458 meters, the destination is a standout amongst the most unmistakable journey locales of Maharashtra.

The significant vacation spots of Pandharpur are the Vitthal Temple and Rukmini Temple. The Vithoba Temple is another noteworthy sanctuary, which pulls in expansive flood of Hindu explorers amid the major yatra in the month of Ashad. Likewise, Vishnupad Temple and Pundalik Temple are the other famous attractions of Pandharpur. Aside from this, visitors can likewise make a visit the Bhima River to wash up.

A few method for transportation are accessible to reach Pandharpur. The closest airplane terminal to Pandharpur is Pune International Airport, which is situated at a separation of around 210 km from the destination. Notwithstanding flights, Pandharpur can likewise be come to through trains. The nearest railroad station is Kurduvadi Railway Station, which is arranged at a separation of 52.4 km from Pandharpur.

Aside from flights and prepares, Pandharpur can likewise be come to by means of regular transport administrations, which are worked by the State Government. The best time to visit Pandharpur is amid the winter season, which initiates from the month of November and stretches out till the month of February.



Tuljapur is a metropolitan chamber in the area of Osmanabad, in the condition of Maharashtra. This city is additionally the authoritative home office of Tuljapur Taluka, which is known for the old Tulja Bhavani Temple.

The close-by air terminals are situated at Aurangabad and Pune, while the closest railhead is arranged at Solapur. Open transports are likewise operational on regular schedule from different urban communities, for example, Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, Aurangabad and Gulbarga. This city is arranged on National Highway 109, which associate it with the city of Mumbai.

Tuljapur is gone by travelers amid celebrations like Makar Sankranti, Gudi Padwa, Lalita Panchami, Shriram Sasthi and Navratri. Tuljapur is best gone by in the middle of July and March, when the climate is lovely and suitable for short sanctuary visits and open air exercises.


One of the biggest urban areas in the condition of Maharashtra, Sholpur is both a city and a locale. Solapur alongside three different areas in particular Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur structure the South Western Maharashtra. It is arranged close to the outskirts with Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is old spot with chronicled and religious significance with Shri Siddharameshwar as its boss god.

There are a significant number of spots of vacationer and religious enthusiasm for Solapur. The real fascination of this spot is the Siddheshwar Temple and it is arranged amidst a lake. Solapur has numerous Jain sanctuaries named after the Jain Tirthankaras like Parasnath sanctuary, Mallikarjuna sanctuary and Adinath sanctuary. The Revansiddeshwar sanctuary and celebrated Bhuikot stronghold are different sanctuaries worth a visit. Another vacation spot is the Samadhi of Swami Samarth Maharaja of Akkalkot. There are likewise various archeological destinations here and adjacent regions which are well known among sightseers.

Solapur is all around associated by street with significant urban areas of the condition of Maharashtra and in addition the abutting conditions of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It has air availability with Mumbai.

8. Narayangaon

Narayangaon, a town known for its vineyards, is situated in the Pune region of Maharashtra. Narayangaon is encompassed by four noteworthy dams, the Western Ghats, and the Sahyadri mountain range.

The nearest dam to Narayangaon is Yedgaon Dam on Kukadi River, which is only 10 km away. Then again, Vadaj Dam on Mina River is around 16 km far from Narayangaon. Pimpalgaon Joga Dam and Manikdoh Dam are found 30 km and 25 km far from Narayangaon, separately. Other than vineyards, the principle fascination of the town is Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope, which is utilized for examining a few radio astrophysical issues. Voyagers going by the town likewise visit Girijatmaj sanctuary and Vigneshwara Temple. Shivneri Fort in Junnar, which is found around10 km far from Narayangaon, is another well known fascination among the travelers.


9. Adlabs Imagica

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