Places to visit in Kolkata


The city of a sweet Bengali culture, land of mishti dahi, rasgullas and much more, the city of Kolkata is blissful and wonderful to visit. May it be the tram cars, the cycle rickshaws, Bengal cotton sarees, ivory red and white bangles, wonderful dressing all are a part of this wonderful city. So, if you have any such plan to witness the other scenic locations around Kolkata then here below are some best locations for you worth visiting.


The Digha Beach is prevalent for its perspectives of the Bay of Bengal in the midst of the numerous casurina estates along the ocean side. The ocean at Digha is generally quiet and shallow upto a mile off the shoreline, which makes its makes it alright for different marine exercises like swimming, scuba jumping, plane ski-ing and surfing.

Of late, because of disintegration of the shoreline prompting a retreated landspace, and additionally for cleanliness reasons, another Digha Beach has been produced as an expansion to the old Digha shoreline, at a separation of 2 km from it. Guests can likewise make a beeline for two other adjacent detects: the Udaipur Beach and the Shankarpur Beach, which are moderately untouched.

The most recent fascination of Digha is the as of late fabricated Science Center. Digha likewise gloats of the biggest aquarium in India, the Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India. A portion of the other traveler places in the locale incorporate Subarnareskha River, Talsari, a sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva; the Subarnareskha Delta and the Mandarmani Beach.


Bakkhali has numerous attractions – the windmills of Frasergunj is a touring spot as are the angling harbors, neighborhood sanctuaries and mangrove woodlands. The main type of neighborhood transport is rickshaw van, however vacationers can enlist trekkers to move out of Bakkhali. Angling is the essential control of the nearby populace and there are angling harbors at Frasergunj where sightseers can purchase neighborhood get at shabby rates.


Bakkhali offers numerous spots of fascination such as the crocodile reproducing focus, the Banabibi sanctuary and adjacent mangroves at Henry’s Island. The shoreline of Bakkhali is possessed by a huge number of innocuous red crabs which vanish in their openings when they see somebody close.


The national park is renowned for its tiger populace and it is home to more than 250 tigers. The celebrated Royal Bengal tigers have now adjusted to the exceptionally saline water and are awesome swimmers. This audacious wild land is brimming with creatures, for example, chital deer and rhesus monkey. It likewise monitors the uncommon Ridley Sea Turtle. There is an incredible assortment of marine creatures and reptiles, for example, angles, red fiddler crabs, loner crabs, ruler cobra, rock python and water screen.


The best time to visit the national park is from October to March in light of the fact that the climate is wonderful and dry amid this time. The rainstorm season is not a decent time to visit the spot as the spot gets to be hot and sticky and not perfect for investigating the spot.


With a rich social past, Santiniketan is a well known vacation spot, particularly for workmanship and writing mates, as this is the spot where Tagore made a considerable lot of his scholarly works of art. The destination has a particular society and legacy of its own which can be knowledgeable about the different celebrations it celebrates like Poush Mela, Basantotsava and Rabindra Jayanti.

The Poush Mela, which is held in the month of December consistently, is a noteworthy fascination of Santiniketan. Subsequent to the Poush Mela draws an extensive number of individuals, facilities should be reserved well ahead of time. All inns climb their taxes amid this time. The reasonable is additionally a decent place to purchase nearby crafted works like Santinekatani cowhide work, batik prints, dokra work and gems.


Raichak has turned into a famous weekend destination from Kolkata attributable to the excellence of the waterway and the eighteenth century Raichak Fort or Radisson Fort. Aside from the riverside sees, Raichak offers significantly more to watch and do. A stroll by the stream, sunbathing, surfing and waterskiing are a few exercises.


Pontoon rides or ship rides to Kukhrahati or Gadiara or to other adjacent towns and towns from Raichak Jetty and Nurpur Jetty is another prominent action at Raichak. A few travelers sail through River Hooghly and suburbia of Bay of Bengal. An outing to the adjacent visitor spots like Diamond Harbor or Haldia can likewise be benefited. The best time to visit Raichak is from October to March when the climate gets to be cooler.


A portion of the prominent spots in Murshidabad are Katra Masjid, which was inherent 1724 AD by Nawab Murshid Quili Khan. Jahankosh, which is a gigantic gun, around 17.5 ft long, was constructed by Janardhan Karmakar in Decca. Other than these antiquated locales, there are royal residences like Wasef Manzil that was fabricated by the Nawab of Murshidabad, Sir Wasef Ali Mirza. The principle attractions in this castle are the marble stairs and statues. Different attractions here incorporate Traitors Gate, the spot where Siraj-ud-Daulah was killed, Hazar Dwari Palace and Kathgola.


Visitors going by Howrah have a considerable measure of attractions to pay special mind to. An excursion to the city would be inadequate without a visit to the Great Indian Banyan Tree at the Indian Botanical Gardens. This banyan tree is popular for having the greatest overhang on the planet. The town of Gadiara, situated at the meeting purpose of the Rupnarayan, the Damodar and the Hooghly River is well known as a weekend destination. The town additionally has a beacon and Fort Mornington Point which pull in vacationers. Belur Math is another essential destination to visit.


Its vital area makes it the fundamental passage toward the north-eastern states, Sikkim, Gangtok, and notwithstanding neighboring countries like Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Siliguri is additionally the uniting point to large portions of West Bengal’s slope stations like Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong. Logically forming into a noticeable focus of exchange and trade for the upper east, Siliguri is today a city that is clamoring with business movement. In any case, notwithstanding its one of a kind area, the city additionally gloats lavish green environs, sprinkled with tea manors, moving slopes and wandering streams, and additionally a wonderful atmosphere through the greater part of the year.

The North Bengal Science Center, in the city’s northern rural areas, highlights numerous exploratory examinations and devices. It additionally has a Nature Interpretation.