Monsoon Trekking Ahupe Ghat

Among the a wide range of treks in the Konkan or the Deccan Plateau, the Ahupe Ghat trek is considered as the most intriguing one! Starting from Khopiwali in the Konkan locale and reaching out to Ahupe Village in the ghats, this enchanting pass is situated at a towering stature of 850m.

Trailing through beautiful and evergreen fields, thin canyons and a progression of enrapturing slopes, a trek to this pictorial ghat won’t just acquaint you with the captivating excellence of nature, however will likewise test you’re trekking abilities! For the most part a lofty trail, the climb to the pass includes rising through vigorous slants and overcoming thick fields alongside the different snags because of the rainstorm; the trails typically get elusive amid the storm and makes it a great deal all the more trying for the trekkers.

Transportation Types: Local Train

Activities: Trekking

Difficulty Level: Moderate