18 Best Weekend destinations to visit near Mumbai

Which has been your weekend destination to chill on Weekends? Close by or far?  If you are amongst those others who hasn’t made any trip in and even around your city, then here’s a guide to your weekend trip which you can plan once again and relive the memories of the old and cherish the New Year with a bang. It’s never too late! Let us have a look at some of the best locations in and Around Mumbai and Pune that are worth visiting or worth going once again:

 1. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is both a city and a metropolitan chamber in the Satara area in Maharashtra. It is situated in the Western Ghats scope of India, which spreads from north to south along the Deccan Plateau. The slope station is at a rise of 1,353 meters above ocean level.

Mahabaleshwar lies 285 km south-west of Mumbai and is bound by valleys on all sides. It is a level measuring a zone of 150 square kilometers.

Getting around Mahabaleshwar is not an issue for travelers. Voyagers can enlist a taxi or board a transport to investigate the city and its attractions. Mahabaleshwar is well known for strawberries and mulberries. Vacationers can appreciate ‘strawberries with cream’ from January to February and ‘mulberries with cream’ from April to May. Additionally, strawberry milkshake and vada pav made here is an unquestionable requirement strive for vacationers. The city additionally delivers crisp jams and jellies, which can be purchased. Sightseers can likewise purchase crisp nectar from the different honey bee ranches in the city.

The moderate atmosphere of Mahabaleshwar makes it destination vacationers can visit whenever of the year.

 2. Saputara

Saputara is a mainstream slope station region and city situated in the Dang District in the southern piece of Gujarat. It is situated in a level in the Dang woods territory of the Sahyadri range, at a height of 1,000 m. This all around arranged slope station lies around 170 km from Surat, 80 km from Nashik and 5 km from the fringe of Maharashtra.

Saputara is prevalent for the few greenery enclosures present here like Lake Garden, Step Garden and Rose Garden. A standout amongst the most well known greenhouses in Saputara is the Step Garden. The one of a kind components of the Step Garden are the outline and design of the strides. Plants and window boxes with wooden work around it bolster the strides. There are offices for guests to stay here in the various Forest Huts.

One of the mainstream attractions here is the Saputara Lake that homestead pontoon clubs, offering offices for drifting. Other than cruising, the Sunset Point in the Lake offers an unmistakable perspective of the Saputara area. Only 52 km from Saputara is the Gira waterfalls, which is a prevalent traveler destination.

The climatic states of Saputara are uniform all round the year and amid the summers the normal temperature is 28o Celsius. The best time to visit this destination is between the months of March and November.


 3. Ganapatipule

Ganpatipule is a residential community arranged in the condition of Maharashtra. It lies in Ratnagiri District toward the south of Chiplun town. The cause of the name of the town lies in mythology.

In spite of the fact that journey frames the significant vacation destination of Ganpatipule, generally, various resorts have likewise come up here which has prompted a noteworthy help in the district’s tourism. The town’s area on the Konkan Coast makes it a perfect spot for shoreline significant others.

The shorelines of Ganpatipule are perfect and lined with mangroves and coconut palms. The atmosphere of Ganpatipule, as a large portion of Maharashtra, is moderate. The temperature finishes what has been started as the year progressed, floating at around 30-35° Celsius. Be that as it may, the months of November to February encounter the most wonderful climate which is likewise the top season to visit Ganpatipule.

Aside from being a journey focus and a shoreline place, Ganpatipule is additionally the door to various visitor spots around the locale. The town lies near Velneshwar, Ratnagiri, Pawas and Jaigad Fort, all of which are imperative vacationer destinations.

The residential area of Ganpatipule is all around joined with the city of Ratnagiri by street. Ratnagiri has an airplane terminal and a railroad station which associate it to significant Indian urban communities. It lies roughly 30 km from Ratnagiri and the voyage by street takes around 60 minutes.

 4. Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar is a residential area encompassed by slopes and shorelines along the Konkan outskirt in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. It is arranged where River Savitri converges with the Arabian Sea from the town of Harihareshwar. It is a perfect weekend getaway 300 km far from Mumbai.

Harihareshwar Temple is a standout amongst the most famous vacation destinations, which is based on a raised spot between two little slopes and additionally Harihareshwar Beach, where visitors can likewise appreciate sculling. Different attractions incorporate Kalbhairav Temple, Somaja Devi Temple and Ganesh Gully. There are various little shops set up in along the road to the sanctuary, where guests can have distinctive enhanced sherbets and buy different sorts of privately made gems. Voyagers can visit Harihareshwar amid the months of October and March when the climate conditions are wonderful and perfect to investigate the destination.

Flights, prepares and transports are accessible to Harihareshwar. The nearest airplane terminal to the destination is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. It is very much joined with household and worldwide urban communities. Furthermore, the town is arranged near Mangaon Railway Station, which is associated with Pune and Mumbai. Transports worked by state claimed transport company are accessible from Pune and Mumbai to Harihareshwar.


 5. Silvassa

Silvassa is the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It is arranged 32 m above ocean level. The city includes substantial number of plants and commercial ventures, which additionally makes it the monetary focus of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

The spot likewise offers a lot of vacation destinations like Tadkeshwara Temple, the Church of Our Lady of Piety, the Vanganga Lake, Khanvel, Hirwa Van, Haveli, and the Tribal Cultural Museum. The Tadkeshwara Temple is a recorded Lord Shiva Temple arranged at the banks of the River Sakartod.

The Vanganga Lake is arranged 5 km from Silvassa and its wooden scaffolds, running ways, paddleboats and thatched hovels make it a perfect excursion spot. The Hirwa Van is a patio nursery arranged on the Silvassa Dadra Road. Haveli is a landmark where the historical backdrop of Dadra and Nagar Haveli is planned in wood and stone. The Tribal Cultural Museum of Silvassa is a home to old veils, musical mechanical assembly, life-size statues and different angling contraptions.

 6. Thane

Thane, which is otherwise called “Shri Sthanak”, is a north-eastern suburb of Mumbai, situated at the leader of the Thane Creek, in Maharashtra. The city is spread over an aggregate range of around 147 square km and is at an elevation of around 7 meters above ocean level. It is encompassed by the Yeoor and Parsik Hills. The regulatory base camp of Thane locale is likewise situated here.

Other than the various lakes, alternate spots to visit in and around Thane incorporate Yeoor Hills, which incorporates the ‘Swami’s Math’, Tikuji-ni-Wadi, Essel World, Water World, Bassein (Vasai), Titwala Ganesh Mandir, Ambarnath, Ganeshpuri, Suddhagad Fort, Kashi and Mira towns and the Jawhar Palace.

 7. Jawhar

Jawhar or Jawahar is a slope station arranged in the Thane region of Maharashtra. Known as ‘Mahabaleshwar of Thane area’, Jawhar is renowned for its beautiful magnificence and rich social legacy.

Jawhar is situated at a separation of around 80 km from Nasik and 180 km from Mumbai. Jawhar shot to acclaim as it is the home to the Worli tribes, one of the tribal kingdoms in Maharashtra.

There are a few vacation destinations in and around Jawhar. The conspicuous among them are the old sanctuaries, Jai Vilas Palace, Bhupatghad Fort, the water falls of Dadar-Kopra and Palusa, the Hanuman and Sunset Points, Shirpamal, and so on.

The Tribal Heritage visit is a mainstream action among voyagers who visit Jawhar. Jai Vilas otherwise called the Raj Bari, the genealogical home of the tribal rulers, has turned into the door to investigate the tribal method for living. Investigation of the slope station and trekking in the slopes of Jawhar are different exercises. From Jawhar, journeys can be made to adjacent areas, Lonavla and Khandala, for picnics and trekking.


8. Shirdi

Shirdi, for the most part known for the immense holy person Shirdi Sai Baba, is arranged in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. Shirdi, otherwise called the Land of Sai, is a famous destination of pioneers consistently.

The Shirdi sanctuary complex which is the principle fascination of Shirdi spreads a region of around 200 sq. m. The sanctuary complex incorporates Khandoba, Gurusthan, Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai, Chavadi and Lendi Baug. Maruti Temple and Shani Temple, developed under the supervision of Shirdi Sai Baba, are alternate spots of fascination in Shirdi.

 9. Bordi

Bordi Beach is situated around 15 km from a residential area of Dahanu, in the Thane locale of Maharashtra. This shoreline extends for around 17 km, found only 145 km from Mumbai. The perfect shoreline is described by the dark shaded sticky sand. The vicinity of the Chikoo plantations out of sight renders a feeling of serenity to the shoreline. Additionally, the water level never transcends waist line till a large portion of a kilometer into the ocean.

Bordi Beach, otherwise called the Dahanu Bordi Beach, is a well known decision of visitors for picnics, get-togethers, shoreline strolling visits and horse riding. This shoreline likewise holds religious essentialness for the Zoroastrians.

The best season to visit Bordi Beach is from November through February. Amid this time, the climate is wonderful, with evenings being cool and the temperature coming to up to 12° Celsius.

10. Dahanu

Dahanu is a wonderful coastline town situated in the Thane area of the condition of Maharastra. Found near the state fringe with Gujarat, Dahanu is a grand town with perspectives of the Arabian Sea. It is a vital beach front town of the state and is the civil gathering of the Thane region. The name of the town starts from “Dhenu Gram” which truly implies town of bovines. This name was given to the town on the grounds that at one purpose of time a larger part of the general population of the town possessed cows and cows.

As of late, the town has risen as an essential business and mechanical town of the state with numerous plants and commercial ventures. The closest air terminal is the Mumbai Airport which is around 145 kilometers away.

The shoreline here is entirely lovely and clean, and is an extraordinary spot to spend the day. The ocean here does not have much ebb and flow and stays serene, making it perfect for swimming and getting a charge out of a casual time by the shoreline. The shoreline in Dahanu extends up to around 17 kilometers.

There are various sanctuaries in and around the town. There is a surely understood Jain Temple around the fortification region in the Dahanu town. The general population of the territory were initially tribal despite everything they hold the tribal society and convention which add to the appeal of the spot.



Nasik or Nashik is a religious city in Maharashtra situated in the northwest piece of the condition of Maharashtra. Nasik has been known as the “Wine Capital of India” and is arranged in the Western Ghats, on the banks of River Godavari.

The Wada plan, a fabulous case of an atmosphere control structure still decorates the boulevards of old Nasik. Trimbakeshwar only couple of kilometers from the city has one of the 12 Jyotirlinga sanctuaries and in this manner draws in numerous explorers. The best approach to Shirdi and the dwelling place Lord Sai Rama likewise goes through Nasik. Mukti Dham a sanctuary in pink marble has purified gods from every single significant sanctuary in India.


Shriwardhan is a residential community in Raigad locale, in the condition of Maharashtra.This wonderful seaside area has a town called Harihareshwar which is acclaimed for a Shiva sanctuary. Shriwardhan has various shorelines and gives a figment of a landmass. The destination additionally has other lovely shorelines adjacent, for example, Diveagar Beach and Kondivali Beach.

Diveagar close-by pulls in numerous visitors because of its quiet and tranquil areas. There are long extends of shorelines. A large portion of the shorelines are unexplored without further ado with developing commercialisation, it draws in an awesome number of individuals. The beach front zones are well known for white sand, palm forests and mango estates.

The best time to visit Shriwardhan is from October to March. Shriwardhan is all around joined by street to places like Panvel (125 km), Mumbai (185 km) and Pune (180 km). The closest rail station is at Madgaon (45 km) and the closest airplane terminals are at Pune and Mumbai.

13. Guhagar

Guhagar is a town arranged on the west shoreline of India, in the territory of Maharashtra. Bordering with the Konkan, the township is arranged between Sahyadri mountain range and Arabian Sea. Lying between the directions 17°28’N to 73°12’E, the destination is arranged in the Ratnagiri District.

Guhagar is renowned for the virgin shoreline alongside coir things, coconuts, betel nuts and Haapus Alphonso mangoes. The virgin shoreline of Guhagar, extending up to 6 km, is a noteworthy highlight of the destination.

With the accessibility of flights, prepares and transports, explorers can without much of a stretch compass Guhagar. The nearest airplane terminal to the destination is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai, which is very much joined with different parts of the world. In addition, the closest railhead to the area is Chiplun Railway Station, lying on the Konkan railroad line. This intersection is joined with areas like Mumbai and Goa. Maharashtra Government open transports are accessible from close-by urban communities to reach Guhagar.


Kihim is arranged in the locale of Raigad in the condition of Maharashtra. This spot is renowned for Kihim Beach, which is found near the city of Alibaug. The Kihim Beach is spotless, with grand surroundings and coconut trees. Visitors coming to Kihim can appreciate tent occasions, which deal with sightseers’ needs by offering essential advanced offices.

Kihim Beach likewise includes isles of Underi and Khanderi that are known for their ocean ports. These ocean ports are overseen by the Mumbai Port Trust, which for the most part does not allow authorization for going by the isles.

Flights till Mumbai International Airport are the most suitable alternative for setting out to Kihim, which is situated at around 100 km from the town. Panvel Railway Station is the nearest railroad station from Kihim which is arranged at a separation of 85 km from the town. State transport transports and taxis are frequently accessible from Mumbai, Alibaugh, Panvel and other close-by urban communities, for getting to the destination. The best time to go to Kihim is in the middle of December and February when the climate is cool and lovely.


15. Chiplun

Chiplun is a villa in the area of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. It is situated on the Mumbai–Goa thruway (NH-17) in western India. The town, arranged in the Konkan locale, generally has various pharmaceutical and concoction businesses.

It is a perfect weekend occasion destination for individuals staying in Mumbai and Goa. The city connects the western coast and the insides of Maharashtra and is a spot for experience exercises like sculling on the Vashishthi River and trekking in the slopes around.

The best time to visit Chiplun is from October to February and June to September. Chiplun can be come to by street from a few destinations in Maharashtra. The Chiplun railroad station, which has a place with the Konkan Railway, is all around joined with Mumbai and Goa. It is likewise reachable via air, with a few adjacent airplane terminals like Pune Airport, Kolhapur Airport and the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.


Harnai is a shoreline in the Ratnagiri District, in the condition of Maharashtra. It is a getaway from Mumbai, which is around 200 km from Harnai. Suvarnadurg Fort, otherwise called Harnai Bunder, is one of the mainstream vacation spots of Harnai. Explorers can visit the destination through different methods of transport accessible including flights, prepares and transports. Flights are accessible to reach Harnai and are served by the closest airplane terminal, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, in Mumbai. Trains join the destination to the closest railroad station at Satara, which is at a separation of around 100 km from Harnai. State transports are likewise accessible that associate the destination with Mumbai.

Harnai can be gone by amid the months of September to March as the climate is dry, wonderful and suitable to investigate the spot.


Khanvel is situated in the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, around 25 kilometers from the locale of Silvassa. Khanvel is prominent among voyagers for its green timberlands and boundless water bodies.

The Church of Our Lady of Piety is one of the prominent attractions in Khanvel furthermore one of the most established houses of worship in India. The Bindrabin sanctuary here is one of the most established sanctuaries of the locale and India also. The tribal historical center in Khanvel shows the old history of the tribal society and the legacy of the families that dwelled here.

The closest rail head to Khanvel is at Vapi, at a separation of 59 km and the closest airplane terminal is in Diu, 268 km away. The district of Khanvel encounters a tropical sort of atmosphere like that of Silvassa. The destination can be gone by whenever amid the year, aside from amid the storms in light of the overwhelming precipitation.



Situated in the condition of Gujarat, Valsad is limited by Navsari District on the north and on the south by the condition of Maharashtra. On the east, the region is encompassed by the Dang District, while toward the west lies the Arabian Sea.

Sightseers can visit the verifiably well known Dandi, which is situated at a separation of 16 km from Valsad. It arrives that Mahatma Gandhi began the celebrated Dandi March. The Saifee Villa Museum, set up in memory of this walk, which houses antiques and pictures that display Gandhi’s life and accomplishments is another noticeable fascination of the destination.

What’s more, vacationers can likewise make a visit to the Somnath Mahadev Temple, which is positioned as the tallest sanctuary in Gujarat and Shri Sai Baba Temple. Other than mainstream historic points and sanctuaries, voyagers can likewise investigate the excellent Tithal Beach situated in this region.

Valsad is effectively associated with different parts of India by means of regular administrations of railroads and transports. Also, flights can be benefited to Surat Airport, situated at a separation of around 95 km away, which is the closest air terminal. The closest worldwide airplane terminal serving the destination is situated at a separation of 356 kilometers from Valsad.

Sightseers can likewise board trains, which are served by Valsad Railway Station, situated at a separation of 850 meters from the destination. Notwithstanding flights and prepares, transports are accessible, which work from spots like Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Shirdi, Pune, Nasik and Hyderabad.

The best time to visit Valsad is amid the storm and the winter season, when the climate is lovely. The rainstorm season reaches out from June to September, while the winter season wins from October to January.